The Branded was founded in 2019 by Digerati, Blogger, Life Coach and Entrepreneur Brandon Aristizabal.

The purpose, goal and mission of The Branded is to create a community for those who want to dominate in life and grow in entrepreneurship, business, health, fitness, success, lifestyle, and mindfulness. 

We are here to build a new and powerful community that is going to change the way we approach our lives. Whether you are starting a new business, wanting to improve your health and lifestyle, overcoming stress or anxiety, or want to be more mindful – The Branded is here to empower you pursue your goals and dreams while dominating your life and conquering your abilities. Through the power of our minds, we will develop optimum content that will provide you with the tools to dominate every single day of your life until the end. The possibilities are endless.

The Branded is designed to be the ultimate source of digital content and tools to improve your self-development and domination of life.

Thank you for being here and providing your support to The Branded community. Without you, we wouldn’t succeed.

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